T-shirt anti-transpirant Oréole T-shirt anti-transpirant Oréole
Why Oreole?

Sweating is natural and even beneficial for our health. But it's even better when it remains private, invisible... That's why we created Oréole: to offer you a life without sweat marks!

Where are we?

We are a Canadian based company. We have two warehouses: one in Canada (Quebec) and the other one in France (Paris). Thus all our shipments to Canada and the USA ships from Quebec and all our shipments to Europe ships from France. This allows us to offer very short delivery times for our customers.

The Story of our Founder, Arnaud

It was really when I entered the job market that I realized I was probably suffering from excessive sweating. Wearing a shirt and a jacket on top of it greatly increases contact between your clothes and your body and therefore also increase your overall body heat. That's even more true with the "slim fit" garments on the market today. This is the ideal set of conditions for the formation of those annoying sweat marks under the arm.

After trying every kind of antiperspirant you can imagine and every undershirt on the market, I decided to take the bull by the horns.

This is how after several months of research and thinking, the idea of ​​Oréole came to me. Thanks to the help of other enthusiasts like me and the support of my family, the project finally saw the light.

Témoignages Clients En Vidéo

Nos clients donnes leurs avis et retour d'expérience en vidéo sur les t-shirts anti-transpirants Oréole.


Winslegue Teste Oréole De Façon Extrême...

Le Youtubeur français Winslegue pousse le t-shirt anti-transpirant Oréole dans dans conditions un peu extrême. Contenu non sponsorisé.

Maxo MH parle d'Oréole...

Le Youtubeur Maxo MH nous donne son retour d'expérience sur le maillot de corps Oréole (à partir de 1min01). Contenu non sponsorisé.

Bloque Absolument Tout

La technologie a trois couches d'Oréole ne laisse absolumenent aucune goutte passer.


T-shirt anti-transpirant Oréole