Oréole, this secret against halos

Good secrets are often (too) well kept! Fashion Vlogger Maxo MH explains on his Youtube channel in 1 minute what Oréole anti-perspirant t-shirts are !

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You had never heard of it? It is certainly because we are almost constantly out of stock !

Detailed article

When we think of methods to combat underarm sweat, the first things that come to mind are deodorants.

While it's true that deodorants, antiperspirants, and deperspirants ( see the differences here ) can (at least partially help) resolve halos, deodorants and its variants have the following issues :

  • For 4 out of 10 people, they do not block 100% of perspiration
  • They often create skin irritations due to the chemical mixture
  • They affect the metabolism by deregulating the evacuation of heat via sweat
  • They leave yellowish stains on clothes ( see our article on how to get rid of them here i)
  • They are not really economical since you have to buy them every two weeks, or even every week.

Are we then at a complete impasse? In fact, Oréole anti-perspirant t-shirts (underbody) are THE real solution against underarm perspiration !

They solve all of the above drawbacks hands down by blocking 100% of underarm sweat with the triple-layer technology built into the underarm area .

Never heard of it? Not surprising since Oréole t-shirts are almost constantly out of stock (and the deodorant industry is doing everything to stifle them)!

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