Anti-Odor Socks Launch

The Sweatproof Anti-Odor Socks are here !

Embarrassing shoe odors and sweaty feet can be a constant struggle, we know! You have been asking for them for a long time now, so we are very excited to our exclusive sweatproof socks. Gone are the days of awkwardly hiding your feet or worrying about unpleasant smells.

Chaussette anti odeur

Winter, boots, feet sweat and odors

As the cold season approaches, we bundle up our feet in warm boots, unknowingly creating the perfect environment for sweat accumulation and bacteria growth - the main culprits behind bad foot odor. Our sweatproof anti-odor socks are a game-changer, specifically crafted to keep your feet dry, warm, and most importantly, odor-free throughout those chilly days.

Silver is the winner

Our anti-odor socks are a result of innovative thinking and advanced textile engineering. The secret lies in the perfect blend of Combed Cotton and Silver Yarn. While the cotton offers a soft, breathable surface against your skin, the silver yarn tackles bacteria, nipping the odor problem in the bud. Together, they regulate foot temperature, significantly reducing sweat and, consequently, the bacteria that cause bad smells. It’s not just a temporary fix—it’s your long-term solution to feeling confident in any shoes!

chaussette anti odeur

Don’t forget about your face and hands




But why limit comfort to your feet? We often forget our hands and face also battle against the elements, experiencing irritation, dryness, and exposure to bacteria. While our socks are taking good care of your feet, consider incorporating a gentle, absorbent handkerchief into your routine for maintaining overall freshness. It’s the one-two punch of personal care that elevates your comfort level this season!

We strongly recommend checking out the handkerchiefs from TSHU. Not only are they incredible soft and absorbent, they are also made from natural fibres, which is good for the soft skin of the face. Oh, and did we mention that they are handmade AND can also be personalized with embroidery?



They also come in multiple sizes and various styles, including 7 sweat absorbing extra large ones.

As you can tell, we love TSHU’s handkerchiefs! If you’re tempted to try them out, be sure to use the code OREOLE10 at checkout over there to get a 10% discount !

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We can’t wait for you to try our sweatproof socks and enjoy the freedom of fresh, cool feet. Ready to say goodbye to bothersome foot odor?