t-shirts anti-transpirant T-shirt anti-transpirant

Sweatproof clothing

T-shirt anti-transpirant Oréole T-shirt anti-transpirant Oréole

Sweatproof clothing

Your New Wardrobe Essentials

Oréole clothing combines technology and design to help you live a sweat mark free life. Sweating is natural, but it doesn't have to be visible..

Be Confident, again.

Oréole is the solution you need to finally prevent sweat from showing on your clothes. The waterproof triple layer in the armpit area blocks all sweat. Not a single drop will get through! The silver fibers impregnated in the fabric fight the bacteria that cause odor. Stay fresh, feel confident!

It shall not pass.

We guarantee a complete protection of the armpit area. Sweat will not reach your clothes. Not so sure? Watch the video below....

Be Confident Again.

3-layers sweatproof protection: soft and absorbent. The middle layer is waterproof and blocks all that non desired sweat.

Micro modal fabric: Our micro modal fabric is two times softer and 40% more absorbent than cotton.

Silver fibers to fight odors: The silver embedded in out fabric fights the bacteria causing sweat odors and regulates your body temperature keeping cool.

No more sweat marks.

Save more on the long run by wearing your clothes longer: without sweat stains, your clothes will last longer...

No more chemical products: no more chemical deodorant to buy every week...

Get your Confidence back!


Sweating through your shirt is the worst thing as a teacher. Thankfully, I don't have to worry about that anymore thanks to Oréole


Nice undershirt with an impressive design. Perfectly block sweat and stays tucked in.


Life changing! I have been struggling with sweat my whole life. I am very happy now!

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