7 Natural Solutions for Underarm Sweating

Underarm sweating (and halos) is not the most glamorous thing... Yet it happens to everyone, without exception.

That being said, if like me, you suffer from excessive sweating, it's even more embarrassing. And if your case, you've probably already tried a lot of things, including these famous antiperspirants. It works for some but not so well for others.

In addition to being highly chemical and therefore potentially dangerous for our health, antiperspirants are not always enough to solve our problems of perspiration under the armpits.

Today we want to discuss some natural alternatives that you can explore in order to prevent (reduce) underarm sweat.

7 Natural Solutions for Underarm Sweating

1) Avoid foods that induce sweating

Certain foods have a negative impact on the amount of sweat you produce. This is the case of foods that have a low fiber content. In these cases, your digestive system has to work longer, which increases sweating. It is therefore best to avoid the following foods:

  • foods high in fat
  • onions and garlic
  • spicy dishes
  • processed foods
  • beer and alcohol
  • caffeine
  • ice cream.

2) Stay hydrated

Drinking water is the remedy of many words. Sweating is one of them. Staying hydrated helps keep your body cool. We also recommend adding foods with a high water content to your diet.

7 Natural Solutions for Underarm Sweating

3) Yes, you have to stop caffeine...

If you're in the habit of drinking a good cup of coffee in the morning to help you wake up, I regret to tell you that it's best that you start revising that habit...

Indeed, caffeine stimulates the nervous system, it's true. But it also increases your heart rate, blood pressure, and, you guessed it, your sweating.

7 Natural Solutions for Underarm Sweating

4) Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is another great way to reduce underarm sweat. Dip a cotton ball in tea tree oil and pat it over your armpits. Do this daily and you should start seeing results within a few days.

7 Natural Solutions for Underarm Sweating

5) Wear breathable and loose clothing

If you tend to wear tight, "slim" clothes, especially ones that are too tight under the arms, you already know the result: you'll get sweat stains on the armpit area of ​​your clothes.

So, when dressing for going out, you should choose breathable and flexible fabrics.

Sometimes loose clothing is not enough. Or if you just absolutely want to show off your latest camisole or fitted shirt, you can always use a technical underarm sweat-blocking underbody.

The Oréole antiperspirant t-shirt available for men and women fulfills this function wonderfully.

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Oréole anti-perspirant t-shirts are designed to completely prevent sweat from reaching the top of your clothes while remaining perfectly comfortable.

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6) Vinegar

Vinegar helps with many things and armpit sweat is one of them.

Although you can use any vinegar, apple cider vinegar is the best solution when you suffer from heavy sweating.

When you apply it directly to your skin, it tightens pores and helps eliminate bacteria. If you want to get better (and faster too) results, you can also drink a mixture of one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar before breakfast, lunch and dinner. You should see the first results after a few days.

Remedy for underarm sweating

7) Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass juice can also help fight excessive sweating. This juice is rich in folic acid and vitamins A, B6, B12 and C.

Drinking a tablespoon of wheatgrass juice once a day can therefore help regulate your sweating.

Remedy for underarm sweating

BONUS: Sodium Bicarbonate and Lemon!

These last two are quite well known but still worth mentioning. Lemon and sodium bicarbonate (or baking soda or even baking soda) will not reduce your perspiration, but they can help you fight against the bacteria at the base of bad odors.

Cut a lemon in half and apply it gently on your armpits, you will be surprised at the results. For baking soda, add a few drops of water to make it moderately pasty and also apply it to your armpits.


Sweating is natural, but it can also be embarrassing... We hope that one of the solutions proposed below can help you improve the regulation of your perspiration and reduce the halos on your clothes.

Are you tired of halos?

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