laundry instructions

Oréole antiperspirant t-shirt

If you treat them with care, your Oréole undershirts will last since they are premium quality!

Laundry Instructions

  • Use only cold water when washing. Heat is not your friend. Cold water washes as well as hot water.
  • Hand wash if possible. Agitation is a major factor contributing to fabric shrinkage.
  • If you cannot hand wash, then use a gentle cycle. This will reduce agitation while keeping your clothing clean.
  • Air dry (not in direct contact with the sun). Heat is not your friend, remember? Avoid the drying machine if you can. If you're in a hurry, choose a fan instead.
  • If you absolutely must use the drying machine, use the lowest possible setting and remove your garment as soon as it is no longer wet to continue the drying process with ambient air. This method is not recommended as it may cause fabric shrinkage.