Sweatproof Undershirt With Back And Armpits Protection
Sweatproof Undershirt With Back And Armpits Protection
Sweatproof Undershirt With Back And Armpits Protection

Sweatproof Undershirt With Back And Armpits Protection

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Sweatproof Undershirt With Back And Armpits Protection

The best undershirt you've ever had, period.

  • Triple layer of micro modal in the armpit area and back to absorb all your perspiration and prevent it from reaching your shirt (absorbent on the inside and waterproof on the outside).
  • Material : Durable fabric made of extremely fine and comfortable Premium Lenzing Micro Modal impregnated with silver fibers to Fight bacteria related to sweat odors and regulate the temperature.
  • Get your confidence back again.

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Frequently asked Questions

Won't a second layer make me even warmer? No, because the fabric is Lenzing Modal AG. A premium Australian fabric used in high-end clothing. Its strength: its extreme lightness despite its great durability. It is almost like a second skin!

Does this product prevent sweating? No. Unlike chemical deodorants, Oréole does not block perspiration. It is important for our bodies to be able to sweat. Oréole prevents the sweat from reaching your main clothes and being visible.

Where does the sweat go? It normally evaporates through the ventilation between your skin and the fabrics you are wearing.

How do I wash them? We recommend washing in cold water. Full instructions are here.

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Product details

Incredibly soft and breathable micro modal undershirt with embedded odor fighting silver packaged in a magnificent slim fit V neck to let your main shirt shine as never before.

An undefeatable sweatproof shield covers the armpit area to block once and for all those ugly sweat stains. Sweat just found its ultimate enemy: Oréole. Game Over.

Our sweatproof undershirt for men fights sweat marks and therefore stains on your clothes while blocking odours. The underarm sweat absorption zone has been designed to prevent all sweat from reaching your main garment. Satisfied or your money back!


Men love the Oréole undershirt.

We have chosen the name Oréole, which is in fact a play on the word 0 auréole (french for 0 armpit sweat mark), because we have succeeded! The thousands of men and women who put their trust in us motivate us every day to do better. Take a look at reviews and you will see!


A unique sweatproof fabric

It prevents sweat from transferring to your main garment. Think of it as a sweat vest. Triple layer waterproof underarm technology completely blocks sweat from reaching your garment. Gone are the days when you were constantly preoccupied with checking your shirts.

Sweatproof Undershirt For Men

No more chemical antiperspirant

Most deodorants contain chemical compounds, including the notorious aluminium chloride. All of these very aggressive compounds can create health problems for you in the long run. The sweatproof Oréole t-shirts will allow you to eliminate the use of these chemical and aggressive deodorants.


A reusable solution

Our sweatproof undershirt can be washed and worn again. Compared to the weekly purchase for an antiperspirant, we are talking here about a one-time purchase. Wash it as you would wash any cloth, preferably using cold water. Detailed washing instructions can be found here.


The silver in the fabric fights the bacteria causing sweat odors

Did you know that sweat itself is odorless? The odor in sweat is caused by bacteria mixing in the sweat. Our fabric contains silver molecules to fight those bacteria therefore reducing considerably sweat odor. The silver also serves to keep the fabric cool, below body temperature.


Premium Ultra-light Micro Modal

The triple layer in the underarm area is made of micro modal. Micro modal is twice as soft and absorbs water 50% more than cotton, which gives it incredible sweat absorption properties. Note that micro modal is also twice as light as cotton!

Sweatproof Undershirt For Men

Do not sacrifice your style

We increased the length of the shirt so that it remains tucked in all the time. No more worrying about untucked undershirt and having to fix it up every five minutes.


What this undershirt will not do

It's making your sweat disappear. The goal is not to stop your perspiration (perspiration is a natural phenomenon necessary for health!), but rather to prevent it from getting on your clothes. And that's guaranteed when you wear the sweatproof undershirt d'Oréole.

Winslegue Teste Oréole De Façon Extrême...

Le Youtubeur français Winslegue pousse le t-shirt anti-transpirant Oréole dans dans conditions un peu extrême. Contenu non sponsorisé.

Témoignages Clients En Vidéo

Nos clients donnes leurs avis et retour d'expérience en vidéo sur les t-shirts anti-transpirants Oréole.


Bloque Absolument Tout

La technologie a trois couches d'Oréole ne laisse absolumenent aucune goutte passer.

tee shirt anti transpirant homme

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

Je n'aurai jamais espéré rêver que ce serait possible de ne plus avoir de transpiration visible dans le dos ! Et pourtant ça marche !

Amélie I.

Un voyage d'affaires sans tache grâce Oréole. Confortable même après de longues heures de vol

Jérémy H.

Les jours de canicule, Oréole m'apporte une fraîcheur et une confiance que je ne trouvais nulle part ailleurs

Chloé G.

Oréole est le seul chandail anti-transpirant qui a vraiment fonctionné pour moi. Un investissement dans mon confort!

Raphaël F.

Dans l'industrie de la restauration, Oréole me garde au sec et présentable, même pendant le coup de feu