Chaussettes anti-transpirantion et anti-odeurs
Chaussettes anti-transpirantion et anti-odeurs
Chaussettes anti-transpirantion et anti-odeurs
Chaussettes anti-transpirantion et anti-odeurs

Moisture Wicking Anti-odor Socks

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Moisture wicking socks anti-odor and anti-bacteria

You have never worn such an amazing pair of socks: get your confidence back, be yourself again!

  • Spaced out fabric lines to optimize feet ventilation and enhance the moisture wicking effect.
  • Weaving of spaced fibers to optimize plantar aeration and thus maximize moisture absorption
  • Get your confidence back again.


"The devil is in the details" they say. We understood it. That’s why we put together an amazing product and paid attention to those important details that are usually simply forgotten. Forget those 20-pack socks that you can get for the same price as a bottle of water. Choose comfort and performance with Oréole’s moisture wicking anti-odor socks.

If you were looking for a solution against feet odor while keeping a classy look, well you can stop looking. You have come to the right place.



  • Size: One size fits all.
  • Material: 90% anti-bacterial fibres and 5% cotton and 5% spandex.


Fights bad odors.

As time goes by, bacteria inevitably form on regular socks which leads to bad odors. Those odors are almost impossible to clean off (even after multiple washes) because the bacteria stick to the fabric.

Thanks to their unique design, Oréole’s moisture wicking anti-odor socks are able to prevent the formation of those bacteria in the first place therefore preventing bad odors. You can now take off your shoes with absolute peace of mind!


Comfort like never before.

Another advantage of Oréole Socks is comfort. Our technology spaces out the fabric knots which allows more air to your feet and less pressure on your delicate skin.


Outstanding durability.

Let’s be honest, who likes throwing his socks after two months? No one. Our fabric is much more durable than regular cotton. The heel and the toe box areas are reinforced since they see more usage than the rest.

This makes Oréole’s moisture wicking anti-odor socks perfect for people with a more active lifestyle! Climbing, running, hiking, name it!


Wash them like you would wash any other cloth, preferably with cold water. Detailed washing instructions can be found here. They are the same as our sweatproof undershirts.


What these socks will not do

 Oréole’s moisture wicking anti-odor socks will not make your sweat disappear. Sweating is healthy. They will prevent odor causing bacteria from forming (therefore fighting odors) and maximize the aeration of your feet (therefore decreasing sweat and increasing comfort). Even after a long day and multiple use!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Nicolas L

    Je l''ai reçu il y a 2 semaines, j''attendais de le tester pour voir. Mais c''est fou! Je l''ai porté 8 jours d''affilé, et quasiment aucune odeur! C''est tellement bien de pouvoir enlever ses souliers sans trop calculer! Au bout de la 8e journée je dirais que la fraicheur était encore à 7/10, mais je l''ai lavée. On repart! Je vais en prendre d''autre c''est certain. Ça vaut le coup d''essayer si vous doutez.

    Phil R

    J'ai essayé beaucoup de chaussette pour mon problème, sans succès... Ces chaussettes sont vraiment bien! L'air circule bien dans la chaussure et par conséquent plus d'odeurs!

    Melissa S

    Acheté pour mon mari. Laver les chaussure au préalable et ça empêche vraiment l'accumulation de nouvelles odeurs. Très bonnes chaussettes, mon nez en est ravis!

    Farid T

    Je ne savais même pas que ce type de bas existait! Ça aide vraiment beaaucoup, je peux retirer mes chaussures en paix maintenant, merci!